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The sun has finally set on our inaugural Dare12, and we’re so happy for the positive vibes that have been flowing from it. All of the runners were amazing, from the two star solo winners & incredible teams, to those new to the trails and out to try something different and enjoy themselves. Each of the runners had their own story, all of which were inspirational! We had at least two runners who hadn’t even run a 5km, yet ended up finishing the day as official ultra distance athletes (and at least one other who managed to do a litter pick on top of running 55miles)!! Everyone bought into the ethos, and the relentless rain was no match for the smiles and laughter that lit up the historic trails…

..we wouldn’t have been anywhere close to pulling everything together without some amazing help from friends old and new that we’ve made along way.. the list is way too long for the website, but we’ll try and get them all down anyway..

Byd Oshi/Oshi’s World – for being an unbelievable charity, providing the inspiration for Dare2Run (and a shed load of fantastic Marshalls and helpers along the way!)

Cafe Cwtch, the Dare Valley Country Park and Hotel – huge help along the way, providing food/drink/gators/plumbers… and without you lot we wouldn’t have had such a stunning location to base ourselves!

Big Love Festival – big love to the Big Love crew, tireless workers, consultants, trouble shooters and all round a great bunch!

Big Moose – not only providing the best flat white and baked treats, but also providing help, good vibes and stress counselling during the event! Absolute legends the whole lot of them (they’ll also be pleased to hear that the orphaned sofa they kindly adopted at the Dare12 has successfully been rehomed)

Gareth Bale – The one, the only Gareth Bale – cheerful, professional to the last, sat on his windblown throne and rallying the troops throughout the day. He even tasted the course – an absolute trooper, putting up with our shoddy scheduling and providing some amazing interviews too…more to follow on this

Fodder – the best streetfood we have ever tasted! Super accommodating to all of our requests, unreal food and just the sort of team we want alongside us for this epic journey!

The Dare12 Bar/emergency tent erectors/vibe makers & helpers – John, Dan, Lottie and Harriet – outstanding help, made the bar, sold the kit, danced the night away, perfected handstands, ran a lap, sorted everything out!

The AT Run physio team – superb, helping organise teams, massage the pain away and keep you all on the trail – with all money raised from their expertise going to Oshi’s World, such legends!

SRK – the most apt trophy sponsor there could be, a nod to the mining heritage that made the park the beautiful space it is!

Enviro-cup – a truly sustainable supplier, revolutionising the process of getting beer to mouth with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Greytrees Brewery – The best ale around, the perfect local company to satisfy our hydration needs!

VitaCoco – sending Mal to brave the rain and provide Coconut derived goodness for all, lovely to have them on board!

Glue Studio – our fantastic web developers/advertising agency/tech advisers – we’re lost in a sea of modern technology without you two!

First Response medics – patching up the runners and keeping them on the course

Rubicon Security – keeping us safe and sound, ensuring all the non-running aspects were kept flowing and providing much needed respite with their hilarious walkie-talkie based conversations!

The Dragons –  they were all lifesavers on the hydration station, creating a little haven on the furthest part of the course and keeping the runners going!

Method Cleaning Products – donating a whole pile of eco cleaning products for the Country Park

Kitbox Cymru – Amazing stash, last minute orders dealt with aplomb, last minute deliveries and stonking chaps. Diolch yn Fawr!

LCL Wear – Also amazing stash – some limited stocks going up on the website soon.

Mash-up Events – Crikey, did we need that massive tent!

Abba Loos – when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

Our DJ Team – with a mega shout out to DJ Fenton, pumping tunes, wicked vibe and a handsome beard!

Family, friends, colleagues, pets and everyone else – you’ve helped, encouraged, guided, and put up with us. We hope to be able repay your patience and love sometime soon

… and last, but definitely not least, the biggest shout out goes to our fantastic, super, ridiculous marshalls – each one of them unbelievable in their enthusiasm, love and resilience in the face of the driving wind and rain!! All of you were unreal, giving up your weekends to help us pull this together –  the feedback has been off the charts, quite where we managed to find you crazy bunch we’ll never know! From the bottom of our hearts thank you so, so much.

As you can see, the Dare2Run team played just a tiny part in pulling all of this together, each of our helpers, supporters, suppliers and runners were absolutely integral to our attempts to make The Dare12 happen.

We hope to build on 2018, to keep these new friendships going and continue supporting Oshi’s World. As well as The Dare12 2019, we will have some other new and exciting sustainable events coming up too. Sign up to the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out!

And remember, (cheesy strapline alert), #whodaresruns

Ps, we’ve tried to remember everyone, if we’ve missed you off the list we’re mega sorry and will make it up to you!


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