Sustainability Statement - Dare2Run

Sustainability Statement

Dare2Run is all about the outdoors. The three founder members, Dean, Stu and Oli, became friends through a mutual love of Mother Nature. All three are not only keen runners and ultra competitors, but similarly seek their endorphin fix from all forms of outdoor adventure sports, from surfing and mountain biking to climbing and snowboarding!

Dare2Run don’t just want to share their love of the outdoors and encourage others to get outside, but they also strive to help protect and preserve these natural playgrounds. These objectives form the basis of Dare2Run’s sustainability guidelines, which are outlined below. Dare2Run endeavour to ensure that their events are run as follows;

  • Leaving event locations in a better place than we found them
  • Minimising the impact of transport by encouraging alternative means of travel
  • Promoting the micro & macro location of an event 
  • Using sustainable local suppliers and workers wherever possible
  • Doing all we can to protect and improve the environment
  • Reducing reliance on single use plastics and seeking new, environmentally friendly, alternatives